Das Wetter in Heraklion
Tonys kreative Malerei
Tonys kreative Malerei


Name: Tony Stuckens

Domicile: 70001 Krousonas 

           Crete - Greece

E- mail: t.stuckens@kreativ-malerei.de

After my studies on the Academie royale des beaux Arts high school of architecture, I start first to work for, Les ateliers d´Arts modernes in the city.


But soon I was starting my own business in quality of ensemblier decorateur.


1976 I left Belgium for New York to work for a while in the decoration branch but looking for more I returned to my country where I decide to hit the road, crossing France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia where I discovered Djerba and get "stranded" but also where I received the proposition to work for a Greek company.


From 1978 till 2013 I worked for the hotels and tourist companies for finally retire in my little house in the middle of the Cretan mountains savouring my spare time  in company of my paintings..